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Thresher Now Available

Pollinator Press is excited to announce Thresher mag 1,2, and 3 are now available.

10 Birds with 1 Stone

• Winner of 2 Bronze Telly Awards!
• Watch the mini-documentary.

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The Brothers Rjukerooka

You lucky bastards! You are about to read the GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD!!!! (Note all the exclamation points.) Award-winning journalist Harmon Leon uncovers the heroic tale of the Rjukerooka Brothers-the most overlooked adventurer/explorer duo in Finnish history. Though their achievements were comparable to Howard Carter-the man who discovered King Tut's tomb-fame and recognition has eluded this pair……until now! Founders of the Institute of Blinding Light, the brothers (Tito and Ingoora) collection has mounted to one of the world's largest collection of truly strange religious artifacts.

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True Mutations

By: R.U.Sirius

True Mutations: Interviews on the Edge of Science, Technology, and Consciousness looks at the wild changes that may be coming to the human species during the 21st century. In a series of interviews, author/host RU Sirius...



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Five Fingers Make a Fist

Five Fingers Make a Fist

By: Alexander Laurence

Five Fingers Make A Fist is a collection of a very new type of story. Like in the book, Exercises In Style by Raymond Queneau, where the same story is retold 99 times, Alexander Laurence has taken storytelling as the subject of his book...




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10 Birds with 1 Stone

By: Merritt Sher

In a handy, pocket size package, 10 Birds with 1 Stone offers fifty-two carefully honed teachings that can be appreciated quickly, often and over and over again, read straight through or opened randomly to any page.


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